Grooming Services

Protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking it’s best with a professional groom from the team at Macaulay Ford. 

Whether it’s your daily driver or you only use it on the weekends, a groom can help preserve the surfaces of your vehicle and keep it looking top-notch. 

We have grooming options available for all occasions from a quick spruce up inside or out, for that upcoming visit from the boss or mother-in-law, or if you’re getting it ready to sell.

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    • Mini Groom

    • Great for giving your vehicle a good clean throughout when it just needs a quick tidy up.

      • Wash & dry
      • Full vacuum
      • Windows cleaned
      • Wheels cleaned

    • Passenger vehicle: $240 incl GST

      Light Commercial vehicle: $250 incl GST

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    • Interior Groom

    • Put your best foot forward and protect those interior surfaces with an interior groom.

      • Full vacuum
      • Carpet cleaned
      • Upholstery cleaned
      • Interior detailed
      • Air freshener

    • Passenger vehicle: $250 incl GST

      Light Commercial vehicle: $260 incl GST

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    • Value Groom

    • Perfect for a good tidy up before you head off for a break or when loaning your vehicle to the mother in law!

      • Wash & towel dry (including under guards)
      • Interior vacuum
      • Interior wipe
      • Tyres shined

    • Passenger vehicle: $105 incl GST

      Light Commercial vehicle: $130 incl GST

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    • Executive Groom

    • Ideally suited for business owned vehicles when you have to return to the leasing company or when the big boss is making a visit!

      • Steam cleaned
      • Interior vacuum
      • Interior wipe
      • Tyres shined
      • Windows cleaned (outside only)

    • Passenger vehicle: $150 incl GST

      Light Commercial vehicle: $180 incl GST

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    • Premium Groom

    • If you want your car or commercial vehicle looking almost new - perfect if you’re planning to sell your vehicle

      • Steam clean
      • Interior vacuum
      • Interior wipe
      • Windows cleaned inside and out
      • Tyres shined
      • Polish and wax

    • Passenger vehicle: $340 incl GST

      Light Commercial vehicle: $390 incl GST

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Contact the Grooming Department

Contact the team to discuss the grooming package that will suit you best or to book your vehicle in.

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*Prices are indicative base prices and may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. All prices include GST.


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